Positioning Our Brokerage as a Real Estate Marketing Company

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Over the past decade, digital transformation has created a closer relationship between marketing and sales, especially in real estate. Whereas it was once a real estate broker’s primary responsibility to run local ads in the paper and show people properties, we now can reach millions of people online with a single property video. A modern real estate broker in Western Colorado needs a solid marketing plan to brand themselves and promote their listings. In fact, according to the National Association of Realtors, more than 30% of Realtors close at least one transaction per year as a direct result of social media. We know it’s not enough to be a real estate brokerage; that’s why we call ourselves a real estate marketing company.

How Do You Create an Effective Real Estate Marketing Strategy?

Even though most real estate professionals know they need to adopt digital marketing practices, developing an effective strategy is much easier said than done. The NAR reports that 45% of brokers say “keeping up with technology” is the biggest challenge for their agents.

As the marketing director at our Western Colorado real estate office, Western Land & Lifestyle Properties, I love finding new strategies to keep our listings and brokers relevant. We must delicately balance promoting our listings to reach potential buyers and promoting ourselves to reach potential sellers.

What Does a Real Estate Marketing Strategy Involve?

Promoting the Western Colorado lifestyle is at the core of our real estate marketing approach. It’s the common thread that ties all our listings and brokers together – because listings are fleeting, but the Western Colorado lifestyle our listings offer always draws the right people to our content. This approach is advantageous to our buyers and sellers because it helps buyers discover this location and available properties, resulting in a wider potential buyer pool and, sometimes, faster sales.

Driven by such a mindset, we cannot simply call ourselves your local Cedaredge real estate office. We’re truly a real estate marketing company, going above and beyond for our sellers, buyers, and brokers with a proven omnichannel strategy to continuously boost sales and GCI year over year.

Some elements of our real estate marketing strategy include:

  • Adding high-volume keywords to our website, blog posts, and listing descriptions to help place our relevant content on the first page of search results for buyers and sellers.
  • Writing weekly blog posts to educate our audience, support our SEO strategy, and establish credibility.
  • Taking professional listing photos and videos, including drone videography, to enhance buyers’ digital experiences.
  • Prioritizing stellar listing presentation: optimized copy, interactive mapping, 3D property tours, and more.
  • Maintaining an active presence on Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, Pinterest, YouTube, and Google My Business.
  • Running print advertisements (selectively) in the nation’s leading real estate magazines.
  • Running digital advertisements (selectively) on the nation’s top targeted real estate search platforms.
  • Maintaining a CRM to continually build our database of potential buyers.
  • Establishing relationships with local publications to share relevant news with the community.

Using Our Real Estate Marketing Company To Sell Your Property

When you hire a real estate broker to sell your property, you expect them to market it to the right buyers. So, why not turn those expectations into reality and hire our real estate marketing company instead? At Western Land & Lifestyle Properties, we don’t just sell properties; we market lifestyles. Experience the difference that mindset makes.

Did I Mention What We Offer Our Brokers?

Since marketing plays a pivotal role in what we do at Western Land & Lifestyle Properties, we empower our brokers with cutting-edge marketing support to promote themselves and their listings. We’re always looking for passionate people to join our team, whether or not they have real estate experience.

Some benefits of working for Western Land & Lifestyle Properties include:

  • No desk fees.
  • Generous commission splits.
  • Free training.
  • In-house marketing director.
  • Established social media platforms for advertising.
  • In-house print and digital advertising opportunities.

For more information about working with us, contact our managing broker, Robert Gash, at 970-986-2955 or rob@wesellthewest.com.

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