Historic Homes

Maximizing Returns on Your Home Improvements

By in Tips For Sellers

In the ever-evolving real estate landscape, the promise of selling your home for more than you bought it is a constant. However, the reality of inflation means the return on investment may not be as substantial as one might think. Picture this: you bought a home in 1998 for $140,000. Fast forward to 2021, you […]

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FAQs About Buying Colorado Historic Homes

By in Real Estate Finances

Colorado historic homes, brimming with character and charm, have an enduring allure that captivates homeowners and history enthusiasts alike. If you’re anything like me, that captivation leads you down a rabbit hole of inquiries. You probably have questions about properties, investing, and ROI, so let’s dive into the world of historic homes for sale and […]

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What a Real Estate Commission Rate Really Covers

By in Colorado Real Estate Market

“What commission rate do you charge?” It’s one of the first questions a potential seller asks their realtor when listing Colorado real estate for sale. However, the answer isn’t always straightforward because commission rates come with whats and whys. Knowing the percentage is one thing, but understanding the services rendered within that percentage is vastly […]

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The Cornerstones of Real Estate Marketing

By in Real Estate Marketing

You wouldn’t post a picture on your social media with inadequate lighting and at an unflattering angle, so why would you do it for a property you’re trying to sell? Professional photography and videography are the cornerstones of real estate marketing because those mediums are the first opportunity a buyer gets to interact with the […]

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4 Types of Luxury Houses For Sale in Colorado

By in Colorado Lifestyle

If you’re listing luxury houses for sale, you want to list them with a real estate broker who can effectively promote them to the right buyers. Especially in smaller towns, luxury real estate requires a specialized marketing skillset because you need to be able to reach out-of-state buyers and investors who might not even know […]

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