How We Sell Specialty Real Estate in Western Colorado

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Specialty real estate appeals to a unique subset of buyers. Whether you’re selling a luxury or historic home, an off-grid property, a massive equestrian ranch, or another type of property that falls outside the home-in-town criteria, buyers exist who are looking for exactly what you’re offering.

Even in a seller’s market, watching your specialty property sit on the market while other homes fly off in mere days is frustrating. However, rest assured that we’re working hard behind the scenes to match your specialty property with the perfect buyer. As the Marketing Director at Western Land & Lifestyle Properties, I develop real estate marketing strategies to ensure that all our property listings, from standard in-town homes to luxury estates on hundreds of acres, are visible to interested buyers. Here are a few marketing tactics we implement to support specialty real estate.

Reaching Niche Property Buyers

Specialty real estate buyers might not be local, so a “For Sale” sign in the yard isn’t going to capture their attention. Instead, these buyers rely on the internet, email, social media, and other remote mediums to shop remotely. We can reach these buyers with organic and paid marketing campaigns.

Search Engine Optimization

We reach niche property buyers through websites optimized to show up when these buyers search specific terms that apply to the property type. This ensures our website shows up for the buyers who know WHAT they want to buy.

For example, say I’m listing a Colorado historic home for sale. My marketing strategy begins with thorough keyword research to determine what historic home buyers are searching for online. Once I develop a list of search terms, I create content that satisfies those queries, utilizing those search terms in my listing description, blog posts, and social media posts.

Targeted Campaigns for Specialty Real Estate Buyers

Additionally, we run targeted campaigns and ads in places where we know potential buyers exist. To effectively target potential buyers, we leverage contact databases with information about people who have indicated interest in specific property types. Whenever someone submits a query via a page on our website about a specific property type, we capture their information for targeted re-marketing campaigns. Since these inquirers are already vetted, they’re more likely to engage with an email or a postcard about a similar listing.

Marketing the Western Colorado Lifestyle

Marketing specialty real estate listings means telling someone about a property on the market is not enough; I have to show the opportunities it provides. As much as potential buyers care about the specs of a given property, they care more about what they can achieve by owning it. Every property has a story to tell, and we use video, photography, and writing to capture it.

Furthermore, our brokers constantly showcase the Western Colorado lifestyle to amass a following of potential buyers who may be interested in our current and future listings. We share information and resources that nurture people throughout every stage of the real estate buying process.

We Specialize in Western Colorado Real Estate

Western Land & Lifestyle Properties has a real estate marketing strategy for every Western Colorado property type. We specialize in matching properties with target buyers, whether a historic home, a luxury mountain retreat, a restaurant, or a ranch.

If you’re selling specialty real estate in Western Colorado, I’d love to work as your broker and drive results through proven marketing strategies. You can reach me via email at kayla@wesellthewest.com or by phone at 720-840-8717.

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