Historic Houses For Sale in Western Colorado

Step back in time and embrace the rich Western Colorado’s rich heritage. Western Land & Lifestyle Properties specializes in a range of historic houses for sale in Colorado. Whether you’re a history buff, an architectural enthusiast, or seeking a unique home with a story to tell, our Colorado historic homes are the gateways to a bygone era. Discover the charm, character, and captivating narratives that await within these storied walls.

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Western Colorado Historic Homes

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    1567 N Grand Mesa Dr

    Cedaredge, Colorado 81413 USA


    Historic Home on Acreage: A Timeless Treasure in Western Colorado Amidst the captivating landscape of Western Colorado, an extraordinary historic home on acreage in…

    • Bed5
    • Bath3
    • Sq Ft2,804
    • Year Built1911
    • Lot Size39.03 Acres
    • NeighborhoodSurface Creek
    • Type Farms and Ranches, Historic Homes, Homes, Investment Properties, Luxury Homes

Uncover Your Colorado Historic Gem

Journey into the past as you explore Western Colorado’s historic homes. These properties are more than just houses; they’re relics of the region’s history. Whether you seek a beautifully preserved Victorian, a charming bungalow, or a mansion with tales of yesteryears, our listings offer a window to the past. Begin your adventure by exploring our historic property listings, and let’s unearth the unique story that awaits within your historic gem.

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Colorado historic homes, brimming with character and charm, have an enduring allure that captivates homeowners and history enthusiasts alike. If you’re anything like me, that captivation leads you down a rabbit hole of inquiries. You probably have questions about properties,

Owning a historic home brings numerous benefits and rewards. Not only do these exceptional properties possess architectural charm and unique craftsmanship, but they also tell a story of their own. Here are a few reasons why investing in a historic