How We Developed a Killer Real Estate Marketing Strategy

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If you list your property for sale with local real estate agents and expect them to rely on local marketing avenues, you’re setting sub-par expectations. No matter the size, price, or property type, at Western Land & Lifestyle Properties, every listing benefits from our red-carpet-worthy real estate marketing strategy. And let’s just say that real estate marketing strategy goes far beyond advertising in the local newspaper.

As the marketing director at Western Land & Lifestyle Properties, I have the unique challenge of marketing our brokerage and helping our brokers promote themselves. To do this effectively, we differentiate the type of content we share as a business versus individuals to optimize our audience reach. Let’s take a closer look.

How Real Estate Marketing Works

An effective real estate marketing strategy equally promotes property for sale and our services as local real estate agents. All the local real estate agents in Western Colorado are competing to stand out amongst hundreds of thousands of others in the crowded Colorado real estate market. On an individual and brokerage level, we must remain visible and provide value to our community. That way, when someone is in the market for a real estate agent, they think of us. 

At Western Land & Lifestyle Properties, our brokers are resources for the community regarding real estate, property type, and area information. We publish weekly blog posts on our website, hold membership in several local organizations, and do many other things to stay top of mind and involved in my community. As individual brokers, we’ve built audiences of Western Colorado lifestyle enthusiasts to whom we can promote our listings. Our brokerage is prepared to deliver more advertorial listing promotions whenever those lifestyle enthusiasts are ready to pull the trigger on a real estate transaction.

What is a Real Estate Marketing Strategy for Listing Promotion?

Each property for sale gets its very own campaign complete with photos, videos, SEO, local and national advertising, and unique real estate marketing campaign ideas.

It starts with the listing presentation. Your online listing post should be searchable, visually appealing, and detailed. At Western Land & Lifestyle Properties, every listing gets:

  • Professional listing photos.
  • Professional video tour and drone shots.
  • Search-engine optimized listing description to help buyers find it.
  • Interactive mapping to showcase the area and amenities.
  • Interior virtual tours allow the buyer to navigate the home.

Next, we syndicate our listing posts to as many relevant property websites as possible for maximum exposure. More than 90% of real estate buyers begin their search online. We syndicate our listing posts to as many relevant property websites as possible for maximum exposure. These include:

  • The Multi-List Service (MLS).
  • 3rd-Party Syndicated Websites such as Zillow, Trulia, Realtor.com and more.
  • Our nationally-ranking website, WeSellTheWest.com.

By sharing our listings with these nationally and locally ranking websites, we maximize the opportunity to show up online when a buyer searches for it.

Then, it’s time to promote and drive direct traffic to those websites. We use a variety of owned, earned, and paid media channels to promote our listings and Western Colorado real estate services to the masses. These include:

  • Daily posts on social media (Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, YouTube, Pinterest, Google My Business).
  • Email marketing to vetted buyers.
  • Print advertising in regional and national media outlets.
  • Weekly blog posts to address key search queries for sellers and buyers (ultimately helping them find our website and listings).
  • Direct mail marketing to local potential buyers.

Why Should Our Real Estate Marketing Strategy Matter To You?

The most challenging aspect of real estate marketing is that not everyone is ready to sell when they see our marketing. Nobody sees a post from @wesellthewest on Instagram and suddenly lists their horse property for sale. It might take years of consistent posts about selling horse properties in Colorado before that person is finally ready to sell. However, when that time comes, who do you think they’ll call? Probably the real estate broker who’s at the forefront of every digital outlet they’ve opened for the past three years.

Even if you’re not ready to list your property for sale in Colorado, you should know that Western Land & Lifestyle Properties is still taking steps NOW to set your property up for maximum visibility whenever you are ready. Our real estate marketing strategy is constantly evolving, and every piece of content is making our listings more visible now and in the future. We’re thinking about you and how to sell your property for the highest possible price, even if we don’t meet for another year.

To learn more about our real estate marketing strategy or talk about listing your Western Colorado property for sale, contact me, Kayla Klein, or any of our other talented real estate brokers. You’re in capable hands with Western Land & Lifestyle Properties!

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