Vacant Mountain Parcel in Western Colorado

Uncover the hidden beauty of Lot 3, a sprawling 35-acre vacant mountain parcel in the picturesque landscape of Eckert, Colorado. This enchanting property boasts a landscape adorned with piñon and juniper wooded hillsides, creating a serene backdrop for your off-grid sanctuary. With a tranquil creek meandering through the property, Lot 3 offers a perfect blend of natural beauty and captivating views of the Surface Creek Valley, the Grand Mesa, and the majestic West Elks Mountains near Crawford, CO.

Secluded and completely off-grid, Lot 3 awaits the construction of your dream off-grid cabin. Picture a haven where the rustling leaves of piñon and juniper trees become the soundtrack to your mountain retreat. The expansive views from this elevated haven will serve as a daily reminder of the untouched wilderness surrounding you.

Conveniently situated near the Bureau of Land Management (BLM) and the expansive terrain of the Grand Mesa National Forest, this vacant mountain parcel is an adventurer’s paradise. Accessible by side x side or ATV, the nearby backcountry beckons for days of exploration. Whether you embark on backcountry hiking adventures, fish in the numerous trout-filled lakes, or lose yourself in the tranquility of the surroundings, Lot 3 provides the perfect gateway to nature’s wonders.

As part of the Oak Creek Reserve subdivision, Lot 3 embraces reasonable covenants that preserve the natural integrity of the environment. These covenants wisely prohibit junk and single-wide manufactured homes, ensuring a pristine landscape for generations. With no restrictive homeowners association (HOA) dues, lot owners can fully enjoy their mountain getaway, creating a space that reflects their vision and dreams.

Seize the opportunity to make Lot 3 your secluded haven, where every sunrise and sunset is a spectacle, and the whispering breeze through the piñon and juniper trees becomes the soundtrack to your mountain escape. This is not just a vacant mountain parcel; it’s an invitation to create a haven where nature’s beauty and your dreams intertwine seamlessly.

Property Features

  • BLM Access
  • National Forest Access
  • Off-Grid Capabilities


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