Explore the Legacy of Colorado Country Broker

Discover the journey of Colorado Country Broker, the personal brand of Robert Gash, Broker & Owner of Western Land & Lifestyle Properties. Established at the outset of Robert’s real estate career in 2011, Colorado Country Broker was born to connect buyers with the quintessential Western Colorado lifestyle. Today, as part of the Western Land & Lifestyle Properties family, Colorado Country Broker continues to embody the essence of Western Colorado living, showcasing the unique properties and experiences that define our region.

From Roots to Legacy: The Story of Colorado Country Broker

In 2011, Robert Gash embarked on his real estate journey with a passion for the Western Colorado lifestyle and a commitment to excellence. As the founder of Colorado Country Broker, Robert sought to leverage his ranching roots and deep connection to the land to help buyers find their place in the Western Colorado community. Over the years, Colorado Country Broker became synonymous with integrity, expertise, and personalized service, laying the foundation for Robert’s future endeavors in the real estate industry.

Colorado historic homes, brimming with character and charm, have an enduring allure that captivates homeowners and history enthusiasts alike. If you’re anything like me, that captivation leads you down a rabbit hole of inquiries. You probably have questions about properties,

As a real estate broker specializing in Western Colorado’s unique lifestyle properties, I’ve seen firsthand how conservation easements can play a crucial role in preserving our region’s natural beauty while offering significant benefits to landowners. Whether you’re considering a historic

Welcome to the heart of Western Colorado, where Cedaredge stands as a testament to those who find joy in spacious skies, the calm of the wilderness, and the thrill of outdoor adventure. At 20092 High Park Rd, this isn’t just

In March of 2022, a bored 23-year-old impulse-shopped on Zillow and accidentally bought a house. It was me. I was the bored 23-year-old. I wanted to buy a house, and I had all my finances in order… I just wasn’t

New Real Estate Office On Main Street Cedaredge Specializes in Western Lifestyle Properties United Country Real Estate Western Land & Lifestyle Properties Plans for Expansion and Development CEDAREDGE, COLORADO, 12 December 2020 – Western Colorado’s up-and-coming lifestyle real estate brokerage,

Western Colorado is a place with vast landscapes and an open-hearted way of living. However, even in such wide spaces, there are rules we follow to live together peacefully, especially when it comes to managing our land and animals. That’s

A Gateway to the Western Colorado Lifestyle

Today, as the Broker & Owner of Western Land & Lifestyle Properties, Robert Gash has expanded his vision to encompass all aspects of the Western Colorado lifestyle. While Colorado Country Broker remains Robert’s personal brand, it now reflects the broader ethos of Western Land & Lifestyle Properties. As a premier real estate brokerage in Western Colorado, we are dedicated to showcasing the diverse properties and experiences that make our region truly special.

Through the Colorado Country Broker social media channels, we invite you to explore the rich heritage, stunning landscapes, and unparalleled opportunities that define the Western Colorado lifestyle. Whether you’re searching for a mountain retreat, a ranch property, or a charming country home, Colorado Country Broker is your trusted guide to discovering the essence of Western Colorado living, and Western Land & Lifestyle Properties can connect you with a property that supports those lifestyle goals.

Experience the Difference with Colorado Country Broker and Western Land & Lifestyle Properties

Embark on a journey into the heart of Western Colorado with Colorado Country Broker and Western Land & Lifestyle Properties. Contact Robert today to learn more about our services and start your adventure in Western Colorado real estate.