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Why Real Estate Auctions Work To Sell Your Luxury Property

By in Colorado Real Estate Market

Are you feeling stuck trying to sell your luxury property in Colorado? Perhaps you’ve identified a new property to purchase and are ready to pull the trigger, but yours is still on the market. Since luxury real estate appeals to a smaller subset of buyers, it usually takes longer to find the perfect one. For luxury real estate sellers, the traditional real estate transaction process can be frustrating and unpredictable, sometimes taking up to five years to sell a property and leaving you with ongoing carrying costs. Fortunately, real estate auctions provide a modern and innovative solution to many problems with traditional real estate sales, especially in the high-end market. Luxury real estate owners don’t have to limit themselves to the same traditional real estate approach that works for more accessible properties.  At Western Land & Lifestyle Properties, we offer traditional real estate services and real estate auctions, giving our luxury property sellers ample opportunities to sell quickly and for the best possible price. Let’s explore some reasons your luxury property might benefit from an auction. Real Estate Auctions Come With Unique Marketing Campaigns Western Land & Lifestyle Properties can provide a superior alternative to the traditional selling process. Our auction process streamlines the marketing push between listing and closing, lasting a set number of days so you don’t have to wait indefinitely for the right buyer. During that time, our marketing team uses innovative online marketing campaigns and traditional methods like signs and print ads, and networking with all the top luxury agents in your market. Real Estate Auctions Have a Built-In Timeline With a real estate auction, buyers are compelled to act due to urgency, resulting in a more efficient sales process. The auction identifies all the potential buyers in the market and brings them to one place to compete and drive up the market price. This means buyers and sellers can achieve the best, fair market price. You have complete control over the timing and terms of the sale, setting the auction date and ensuring buyers show up and bid if they want the house. Once the sale is complete, you’re done selling your luxury home, and you can turn around and invest in another property. Real Estate Auctions Reduce the Potential For Delays A real estate auction also allows for a sale without contingencies, eliminating the potential for surprises and delays that can occur with a traditional sale. Buyers are required to do all their due diligence before the auction, so the sale is final when they bid and win on auction day. You don’t have to deal with the uncertainty of waiting for a buyer’s home inspection to determine whether they go through with the transaction. Consider a Real Estate Auction In Western Colorado Shortening the sales process through a real estate auction allows you to sell your luxury property faster and potentially for a higher value than by letting it sit on the traditional real estate market. If you’re feeling stuck trying to sell your luxury real estate, consider an auction with Western Land & Lifestyle Properties. Contact me, Robert Gash, at 970-986-2955 or rob@wesellthewest.com to learn more.

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