A Local Rancher is the Best Person to Sell Colorado Ranches

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Nobody is more knowledgeable than a local rancher about farms and ranches for sale in Colorado. Understanding of the local landscape, agriculture regulations, and the lifestyle that ranching affords can only be ascertained through hands-on experience. That special understanding is precisely why I chose to work as a ranch real estate broker in Colorado.

I began my professional career as an electrical contractor, general contractor, and real estate developer in the Denver metro area. In 1996, my family purchased a 58-acre ranch northwest of Cedaredge, Colorado, and I started to take an interest in the area and lifestyle. I grew up with livestock and Arabian horses on the outskirts of Arvada, Colorado, and, living in the suburbs, I missed the land, freedom, and tranquility. 

In 2007, I relocated my family to the property in Cedaredge. I established The Labs of Coalby Canyon, raising and training hunting Labrador retrievers, and Mountain G Ranch LLC, a grass-fed cattle operation. My wife, Jen, and I still operate Mountain G Ranch today, inspired by the success and sustainability of the best Colorado ranches.

Are There Ranches in Colorado?

When I moved from the Front Range to the Western Slope of Colorado, I was astounded by how many of my friends and colleagues from the city were disconnected from the agriculture, farms, and Western Colorado ranches that supply much of their food. Before settling on my family’s property, I looked at hundreds of farms and ranches for sale.

For many of Colorado’s residents, agriculture is not the first thing that comes to mind when they think about our state. However, according to the USDA, of the 66.3 million acres in Colorado, 31.8 million are used for agriculture. As of 2017, there were 38,893 farms and ranches operating throughout the state.

Livestock is the primary commodity for the Colorado agricultural industry, accounting for 70% of the total value. The Census of Agriculture places Colorado as the tenth-highest producer of cattle and calves and the fifth-highest producer of cattle on feed.

I Wanted to Sell the Best Colorado Ranches

So, why am I sharing all of these statistics about Colorado agriculture? Because Colorado ranches, especially on the Western Slope, take up nearly 50% of the state’s land. Yet, “Are there ranches in Colorado?” is still one of the most popular search terms online. 

There are many high-producing ranches in Colorado, and working with a local rancher as your real estate broker is advantageous to buyers and sellers alike. As a cattle rancher and member of the Colorado Cattlemen’s Association, I know what buyers should consider when browsing cattle ranches for sale in Colorado. I’m familiar with the topography, crops, areas, regulations, water rights, irrigation, and many more factors that matter to you as buyers or make your listing more appealing as a seller.

Cattle Ranches For Sale in Colorado

All that to say, if you are thinking about selling your farm or ranch in Western Colorado, consider listing it with a broker and rancher like me. I not only study the local Colorado real estate market, but I also understand how to position your listing to reach buyers who want the rancher lifestyle and are willing to pay what your property is worth to achieve it. 

Let’s discuss Colorado ranches and real estate and how Western Land & Lifestyle Properties can help you buy and sell. Contact me, Robert Gash, at 970-986-2955 to start the conversation.

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