5 Things to Know About Hunting Properties For Sale

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When you’re in the market for Colorado hunting properties for sale, understanding the intricacies of landowner tags and hunting regulations on private land can significantly impact your decision-making process. These permits, also known as tags, are typically available to landowners and their designated individuals based on the acreage owned. Here, we’ll delve into five critical considerations when purchasing a Colorado hunting property.

1. Can You Hunt on Your Own Property in Colorado?

You can hunt on your own Colorado property. However, it’s essential to clarify that you must still apply for hunting licenses like any other hunter in the state. The State of Colorado offers landowner tags to hunting property owners, granting them the opportunity to obtain tags in their Game Management Units (GMUs). These tags are distributed to landowners through an annual landowner lottery draw. It’s worth noting that landowners are not guaranteed a fixed number of tags each year; luck plays a role, just as it does for hunters in the general draw. Additionally, the qualifications are stringent: landowners must possess a minimum of 160 continuous deeded acres that are also used by wildlife or have agricultural cropland.

2. Can You Rent Your Colorado Hunting Property?

Most land in Colorado is privately owned. You can freely hunt on privately owned lands, even if you are not the landowner, as long as you have obtained the landowner’s permission. However, it’s important to emphasize that privately owned lands are subject to Colorado’s hunting regulations, requirements, and laws. Hunters on private lands must also adhere to any landowner-specific regulations or requirements. Furthermore, hunters are expected to show utmost respect for all landowner property and rights.

3. Can You Transfer Landowner Tags?

Landowner tags do not automatically transfer with the sale of hunting properties in Colorado. In fact, the sale of a Colorado hunting property voids any existing landowner tags for that private property. 

Let’s say Seller Steve owns a 2000-acre hunting property. Earlier in the year, he acquired two landowner tags. In September, he lists his property for sale. In October, Buyer Bill makes an offer on the property. The closing date is set for November 31. Seller Steve can use his landowner tags until November 31. Alternatively, Seller Steve can transfer the tags to a third party who can also use the landowner tags until November 31. On November 31, the tags will become void. Buyer Bill will have the opportunity to apply for new tags the following hunting season.

4. Where Can You Hunt with a Landowner Tag?

Colorado offers two primary types of landowner tags: unit-wide and private-land only. A unit-wide tag permits the hunter to access the private property for which the tag was issued. Additionally, it provides the privilege of hunting on all public land within that specific unit.

5. Understanding Landowner Preference Vouchers

Colorado established the Landowner Preference Program (LPP) to offer landowners preference in obtaining hunting licenses. The program aims to encourage private landowners to maintain habitats that enhance wildlife populations, ultimately benefiting all hunters. It also discourages the hoarding of game animals on private lands during public hunting seasons and helps reduce hunting pressure on public lands by promoting hunting on private properties.

Finding Colorado Hunting Properties For Sale

Buying a Colorado hunting property involves navigating various complexities. For a smooth and informed purchase, you should collaborate with a local real estate broker with in-depth knowledge of the area’s GMUs, hunting restrictions, and nuances. Such a professional can guide you in acquiring a property that aligns with your recreational goals while ensuring compliance with Colorado’s hunting regulations.

For expert guidance on finding and purchasing Colorado hunting properties for sale, contact me, Robert Gash, at Western Land & Lifestyle Properties. I can help you find or sell the perfect hunting property. Reach me at rob@wesellthewest.com or 970-986-2955 to embark on your hunting property journey.

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