5 Things Denver Made Me Miss About Western Colorado

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Leaving Western Colorado after high school was an adventure I eagerly embraced. From Denver to Mannheim, Germany, to Laguna Niguel, California, and the winding paths in between, I experienced life outside small-town comfort. Returning to Denver, a city close to my heart, and eventually moving across different states, I’ve finally circled back to the embrace of Cedaredge. 

Through this journey, I’ve realized that while the city sparkles with its allure, the everyday charms of small-town living hold unique magic. Here are five things my time in Denver made me miss about Western Colorado.

1. No Traffic and Easy Roads in Western Colorado

I’ve often chuckled at my driving prowess, claiming I honed my skills navigating dirt roads and a lone stoplight in Cedaredge. I can navigate the Grand Mesa during a thunderstorm with the finesse of a local, but throw me into I-25’s rush hour madness, and my confidence wavers. The simplicity of Western Colorado’s roads and the absence of bumper-to-bumper traffic whisper a sigh of relief to my driving soul.

2. Free Events in Colorado’s Best Small Towns

Denver’s vibrant scene comes at a cost – literally. Leaving my house often felt like shelling out a crisp Benjamin for entertainment. In contrast, Cedaredge and neighboring towns offer a bounty of nature’s wonders and community events that don’t dent the wallet. Whether hiking through pristine trails or partaking in local gatherings, Western Colorado infuses life with free-spirited joy.

3. Low Cost of Living on the Western Slope of Colorado

On the Colorado real estate front, Western Colorado stretches my dollar further, giving me room to breathe and the means to invest in the future. Whether renting or owning, the Western Colorado real estate market is a testament to affordability without compromising space. The tug on my paycheck is gentler, leaving more room for dreams and adventures.

4. Small Towns in Colorado Make Friendly People?

Calling strangers on the phone gives me mad anxiety. A few weeks ago, I finally reached the pinnacle of procrastination and needed to call the electric company to set up power in my new place. Luckily and unexpectedly, a forgiving voice on the other end of the line diffused my dread. No exasperation from 400 other calls that morning, just genuine help. Just my opinion, of course, but when everyone lives a slower-paced life in Western Colorado, they stress less and are warmer to strangers.

5. Western Colorado Has Nature Around Every Corner

Surrounded by nature’s grandeur, Western Colorado embraces its residents in rugged beauty. The majesty of the Grand Mesa, the allure of the West Elk and San Juan Mountains, countless lakes, the Colorado National Monument, and the Ouray Hot Springs – the region is an adventurer’s haven. Weekends find solace in its arms, offering endless opportunities to unwind and rediscover peace of mind.

Exploring Western Colorado Real Estate

While Denver will always hold a piece of my heart, the tranquil embrace of Western Colorado tugs at my soul. As I return to the roots that nurtured me, I carry the lessons learned from cityscapes and the appreciation for the gems that shine brightly in my backyard.

If you’re looking for small-town solace, I would love the opportunity to work as your Colorado real estate broker and help you find the perfect place to call home. With the help of my incredible real estate brokerage, Western Land & Lifestyle Properties, I have so many tools to make your real estate journey a breeze. Shoot me an email at kayla@wesellthewest.com or a text at 720-840-8717 to chat about your needs.

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