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If you’re not married to the city, you might be part of the rural migration, following the thousands of people moving from the city to the countryside. However, if you’re used to looking at Colorado homes for sale in the city, the rural real estate market might take you by surprise. For instance, in Western Colorado, you might encounter several considerations that never crossed your mind in a city setting. In this blog post, I’m sharing five questions you should ask your real estate broker before looking at rural Colorado properties for sale.

1. Are You Looking For Homes on Acreage?

Western Colorado properties for sale suit many lifestyle aspirations. You can live on a small lot in town or in a multi-family unit in a small city. On the flip side, you can also live in a home on acreage with enough land to start a hobby farm, run a commercial ranch operation, or live completely off-grid. Know your lifestyle goals to find a property that can support them.

2. What Amenities Does the Area Offer?

Western Colorado is home to tiny towns, medium-sized cities, and everything in between. Consider what amenities and activities you enjoy, and find a location that has everything close by. For example, if you want easy access to shopping and dining, you probably should look at Colorado properties for sale in a mountain town with a population of 1,500. 

3. How Old Are You Willing To Go?

In a rapidly growing city, new properties pop up left and right. In a small town, however, new builds are less common. You may find the occasional new build on the golf course or in a development community, but you’re more likely to see established farmhouses and brick homes lining charming city streets. If you purchase an older property, research and get the proper inspections to ensure everything is in working order.

4. Are You Near Recreational Activities?

Luckily, recreational activities are around every corner in Western Colorado. You even have the luxury of choosing a location where you can pursue your favorite ones. If you love fishing, consider living near the Grand Mesa, which has more than 300 lakes and reservoirs. If you enjoy hiking, a property near the Colorado National Monument may be more your speed.

5. Are You Ready For a Rural Lifestyle?

If you’re coming to Western Colorado from the city, get ready for a change of scenery and pace. Small-town living comes with incredible perks like getting to know your neighbors, never fighting traffic, and waking up to the sound of crowing roosters instead of honking horns. I love living in Western Colorado and the opportunities it affords – just make sure you’re fully ready to embrace the experience.

Western Colorado Properties For Sale

The Western Colorado real estate market has a property for every lifestyle aspiration. At Western Land & Lifestyle Properties, we specialize in lifestyle real estate, helping you find the perfect property for your long-term goals.

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